Grameenphone and Symphony came with 4G smartphones

Grameenphone and Symphony Mobile have launched the co-branded 4G handset. Recently Grameenphone has partnered with Edison Group’s smartphone brand Symphony Mobile in an event organized at GP House in the capital. Under this partnership, Symphony G26 model mobile will be available in the market.

The handset was officially unveiled by Zakaria Shahid, Managing Director of Symphony and Solaiman Alam, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Grameenphone. Besides, Grameenphone’s Head of Sales and Customer Management Mohammad Awlad Hossain, Symphony’s Head of Product Management and Sourcing Munim Md. Ishtiaq and Head of Mobile Sales Mohammad Abu Sayem.

Aiming to increase smartphone usage for a digitally connected Bangladesh, the launch of a co-branded smartphone packed with cutting-edge features aims to bring more people under 4G connectivity. As a result of this partnership, customers will get 2.5 GB data and 50 minutes talk time per month for six months. Besides, customers will get 15 GB data and 300 minutes talk time for the bundle price of Rs 499. Customers need to dial *121*1276# from Symphony G26 to avail this offer. The smartphone can be ordered from all Grameenphone Centers and Experience Centers along with Symphony’s authorized sales points or GP Online Shop.

Grameenphone CDO Solaiman Alam said, ‘Making smartphones affordable is a prerequisite for the implementation of the ‘Smart Bangladesh’ goal of the Bangladesh government. It will not only increase smartphone and internet usage, but also help people get used to digital lifestyle. It will help us enjoy the benefits of a digitally connected society through social inclusion and empowerment. I am delighted to sign another meaningful partnership agreement. We envision a future where technology breaks down barriers and transforms lives.”

Zakaria Shahid, Managing Director of Symphony, said, “We at Symphony are delighted to once again bring a groundbreaking smartphone through the partnership with Grameenphone. This partnership is a reflection of the same goal of both organizations. Symphony G26 is the result of this belief that everyone can enjoy the benefits of innovation, regardless of financial ability. Combining the expertise and strengths of Grameenphone and Symphony Mobile, this partnership will create a paradigm of meaningful innovation in the industry.”

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How to find out if someone else is using your Google Account

Google account is a very personal thing for everyone. Because after adding Google account to your mobile phone, it stores various information there. It is dangerous if it falls into someone else’s hands.

Many people open Google account on public computer or office laptop or desktop due to work. Then forget to logout. The same happens with some Android apps. That is, all those apps are logged in with the help of Google account. But if you forget to logout, you may be in danger later.

That’s why you can sometimes check if your Google account is logged in somewhere else. Or whether someone else is using your Google account. You can easily do it from your phone. Check out how-

>> First go to your phone’s Google app and click on the ‘Manage Account’ option.
>> Then select ‘Settings and Privacy’ and click on All Devices.
>> Here you can see all the devices on which your Google account is open.
>> If you want, you can also see in which app your Google account is open. For this, go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ and click on ‘Third Party Apps and Services’.
>> Here you can see all the apps where your Google account is logged in. From here you can remove account access from unnecessary apps.

Source: Google Support

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How to use Google Maps without internet

Today, no country or road is unfamiliar. If you have a smartphone with Google Maps. Now you can easily travel anywhere with the help of search engine Google Maps.

Google Maps shows the location, distance, how long it will take to reach there and even how many roads there are. Now before reaching the toll tax, you can know how much toll tax you have to pay through Google Maps. But generally, Google Maps is mostly used for directions or directions to reach a place quickly.

Now you can use Google Maps even if you don’t have internet connection on your phone. Let’s find out how-

>> First open the google map app on your phone. There tap on your profile icon in the right corner.

>> Now tap on offline map.

>> Tap on ‘Select Your Own Map’ option. Enter the option and select the map of the area you want to download.

>> From here you have to select the region of your choice by zooming in or zooming out. Because you will not find any search option here.

>> Now tap on download option. You will see the download button at the bottom of the screen. You will also be told the size of the map. But in this case, you need to have a lot of free space in your phone’s memory. Once the map section is selected, click on the download option.

>> Then you can find the downloaded map on the phone very easily even if you turn off the internet offline. You won’t have a problem with navigation either.

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How to add your home location to Google Maps

Google’s popular feature Google Maps has now brought the whole world to hand. No city or road in the world is now unknown. Even sitting at home, you can visit different places of the world through Google Maps. You can also add your home location to Google.

It can be done very easily. You can add the location of your home, shop or organization to Google Maps. No one needs to know your house from the street. He can check the location on Google.

>> Sign in the Google Maps app on your mobile phone.

>> Click on Missing Place option from Contribution option.

>> Then enter the name of the house location you want to add in the name box above.

>> Then you can add pictures of the house if you want.

>> Submit with required information.

* Click on send icon above to add the location to the map. After that, you will be notified in an email that your address will be reviewed and added to Google Maps within the next 24 hours. However, the address will be added to Google Maps within 24 hours.

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How much will the new iPhone 15 cost?

The news of the arrival of the new iPhone created an additional frenzy in the minds of Apple lovers. Every year in September, Apple brings their iPhone series. This time the iPhone 15 series is coming. The whole world is waiting for that moment. Apple officials said that their Wanderlust event is going to be held on September 12. iPhone 15 series will be launched there.

There are four phones in the iPhone 15 series. iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max. The iPhone 15 series may have several changes. Rumor has it, this iPhone series may have a USB Type-C charging port. The iPhone 15 Pro will come with a titanium frame and rounded top notch. As of now, Sharp Edge is available on iPhone.

However, there are many speculations about the price of this iPhone 15 series. There is no doubt that iPhone 15 is going to be Apple’s most expensive phone. A recent report by Digitimes listed the entire iPhone 15 potential price ahead of the phone’s launch. They say that the price of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max model can be 2 thousand 100 US dollars.

According to Apple, the price of this phone may increase by about 200 US dollars compared to the previous one. The price of the top model of the iPhone 15 series can start at 799 US dollars, which is 86 thousand taka in Bangladeshi currency. But this price may go up to about 100 USD before the launch.

The price of iPhone 15 Plus may start at 899 USD. Which is 97 thousand 835 taka in Bangladeshi currency. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max base models will start at $1,999 and $1,299, respectively. Which is 1 lakh 19 thousand and 1 lakh 41 thousand in Bangladeshi currency. But the most expensive phone of this series will be iPhone 15 Ultra.

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How to know if phone data is being stolen or not

A single moment cannot be thought of without a mobile phone. Saving all the necessary information on the smartphone. Storing personal photos, information in the smartphone store. Along with that, the bank information is kept in the smartphone. Smartphones are now inextricably linked with our daily lives. Therefore, it is important to ensure its protection.

Hacker can take access to your phone at any moment. Mobile hacking is easiest for hackers. So now most of the fraud is done on smartphones. And within seconds all the personal information is in hands of hackers.

But if you want your smartphone will give an indication whether the smartphone is hacked or not. Know whether someone is trying to steal your phone data or not.

Let’s find out how to know if a hacker is trying to access your phone or not-

If someone has access to the camera and microphone on your Android or iOS phone, a green light will flash at the top of the screen. If you record a voice message on WhatsApp or take a photo through the Instagram app, the light will flash. This is quite normal, because after a while the light that was there goes out. But this light won’t turn off when the hacker gets access to your phone.

If someone accesses your smartphone camera. Or trying to record your phone screen or track your phone, the light will stay on. If you see something like this, immediately turn off the camera and microphone.

There are many apps that have weak security or haven’t been updated in a long time. Such apps make the job of hackers easy. If your phone lights up for a long time for no reason, or the battery drains quickly. Or see something on your phone move, like an app that isn’t where you put it. Then you should be careful.

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The new smartphone Realme C51 is coming to the market

Realme, the favorite brand of the young generation, brings a new C series smartphone, Realme C51. This phone has groundbreaking fast charge, perfect design, 50 megapixel camera and storage facility up to 64GB. The phone will be unveiled in the Bangladeshi market on September 3.

The C51 phone has a 33W supersonic charging facility. The new device will ensure 100% better charging speed compared to the latest phone C31 (10W) of the same series. The 50 megapixel primary camera of the device can take HD quality pictures from anywhere. This smartphone has a stylish glittering design for users who like a touch of aesthetics in their phone. A vibrant look is created by combining different textures to make the phone design more fashionable.

This phone will have up to 64GB storage facility and 4GB dynamic RAM. Besides, this device can accommodate two nano SIM cards and 1 microSD card, thereby expanding the phone’s storage up to 2 terabytes.

Realme is working to make features like fast charging, great design and advanced photography features more accessible to all, to ensure a worry-free and seamless experience for users. In continuation of this, Realme is bringing its C51 device.

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